Pharmacy Technicians Licensure Examination Results

Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board (PMPB) hereby announces the release of results for the Pharmacy Technicians Licensure examination that was conducted in June 2018. The results are as indicated in Table 1 below;

Table 1: Results for June 2018 Pharmacy Technicians Licensure Examination

PMPB/PT/2018/01 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/16 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/02 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/17 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/03 FAIL PMPB/PT/2018/18 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/04 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/19 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/05 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/20 FAIL
PMPB/PT/2018/06 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/21 FAIL
PMPB/PT/2018/07 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/22 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/08 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/23 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/09 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/24 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/10 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/25 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/11 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/26 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/12 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/27 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/13 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/28 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/14 PASS PMPB/PT/2018/29 PASS
PMPB/PT/2018/15 PASS


All those that sat for this examination are being informed to collect formal communication on their results at PMPB office in Lilongwe from 13/07/2018 during working hours.

For any further information or clarifications please contact us on the following address;

The Acting Registrar,

Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board,

P.O Box 30241,

Lilongwe 3.

Contact Phone: 01 755 165/166